Big Lots To Deploy CRM, Latest Chain To Risk Aggressive Customization

Grocery chains have historically been afraid to reach out to consumers with personalized pitches, fearing the consumers would be put off by what might be seen as a privacy intrusion. But with privacy expectations now much lower, more chains are willing to take the chance. Case in point: the $4.6 billion 1,400-store Big Lots grocery chain will launch its first CRM program in the Fall, the latest in a series of grocery chains slowly embracing official loyalty programs.

The Buzz Club card will offer consumers a discount when they make 10 purchases of more than $20 each, according to this DMNews report. The story quoted Big Lots CEO Steven Fishman as saying: “The program will allow us to learn more about our core customers' shopping tendencies and opens up micromarketing capabilities we've have never had before as a business.” It will be used to create personalized follow-up offers and Fishman said that all of the chain's "messages going forward will be more aggressive."