Big Lots Launches Its First E-Commerce Site With A "Deal Of The Day"

When 1,361-store $4.6 billion chain Big Lots unveiled its first E-Commerce site Tuesday (Oct. 21), it decided to borrow a gimmick from its brick-and-mortars and re-create what it dubbed the stores' "treasure hunt atmosphere." Specifically, every morning, the chain plans to announce on the site a "deal of the day," which is a limited-inventory product at supposedly ultra-discounted rates. Big Lots is also posting certain advertising circulars online only.

It's an interesting twist on giving consumers a reason to repeatedly come back to the store. It's also coupled with a loyalty CRM program called BuzzClub, which seems to be offering the same kind of discounts available in most loyalty programs. But Big Lots has come up with a chutptza-ish marketing claim for those customers who successfully apply for a loyalty card, and the chain listed it as the first of eight bulleted advantages: "Get access to all merchandise on" And that's something that non-loyalty card members will be denied?