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1. Walmart's e-receipt a new mobile platform
Walmart rolled out its Savings Catcher price matching program nationwide last week, and embedded in the program is an e-receipt platform that holds a lot of mobile promise for the retailer to build on. Savings Catcher lets shoppers enter or scan a code from the receipt of a recent Walmart purchase and then searches for lower advertised prices from a competitor. If found, the shopper is issued a gift card for the difference. Continued

2. Walmart and T-Mobile offer free data for life
Walmart and T-Mobile teamed up to offer shoppers free data for life with the purchase of one of two new tablets exclusively sold at Walmart stores. The Apollo Brands Trio AXS Quad Core tablet ($179) is a 4G Android-powered tablet with a 7.85 inch HD display, 16GB on-device storage, two-camera vision, MicroSD slot, quad core 1.2GHz processor and 1 GB memory. In June, Walmart will add a second T-Mobile connected tablet for $229. Continued

3. In-store app usage 16x higher with beacons
Beacons are among the hottest technologies in retail promising to forge a connection with shoppers in-store via smartphones, and now there's new evidence to prove that beacon deployments that complement users' preferred experiences lead to more in-store usage, brand engagement and app retention. Interactions with advertised products increased by 19 times for users who received a beacon message and in-store app usage was 16.6 times more for users who a beacon message. Continued

4. Groupon buys SnapSaves' grocery coupon app
Groupon has acquired SnapSaves, a grocery store app that compares prices and gives cash back. SnapSaves was developed by Toronto-based Buytopia, which operates a deal-of-the-day site similar to Groupon's. The app offers shoppers instant cash back on grocery and personal care purchases at any retailer in Canada including big box names such as Walmart, Target, Costco, Whole Foods, Safeway, IGA and Shoppers. Continued

5. RadioShack exclusive seller of mobile solutions to US military
RadioShack and Defense Mobile signed an agreement making the retailer the exclusive distributor of Defense's new nationwide 4G LTE mobile services. Defense Mobile is launching nationwide mobile services and a set of value-added applications that are designed to benefit, honor and reward active U.S. military and veterans. Continued

6. Solving in-store connectivity is key to serving up mobile
Mobile is the top topic in the retail industry today driving customer engagement, loyalty and sales, but there's one thing getting in the way — in-store connectivity. As shoppers, we've all been there. Pull into the parking garage of a store or wander a few feet from the entrance and…there goes the cellular signal. A determined enough shopper might search for a Wi-Fi network, but those are rare enough in stores, even in those with an attached Starbucks where free Wi-Fi is otherwise expected. Continued

7. Walgreens piloting AR shopping experience with Google's Project Tango
Walgreens is taking augmented reality shopping to a whole new level with the help of aisle411 and Google's Project Tango. The indoor mapping technology makes it possible to locate shoppers within centimeters of their location, helping guide them to items they're searching for and gamifying the in-store shopping experience. Continued

8. Savings Catcher boosts Walmart app to No. 1
Walmart's app has climbed to the top spot as the most downloaded app in the lifestyle category of Apple's App Store, thanks to the release of Savings Catcher for mobile devices. Until August 4, Savings Catcher was a tool strictly for desktop computer users. On Monday the mobile version hit the Apple App Store, launching it quickly into the top spot for its category. Continued

9. Philips uses VLC to add beacons to supermarket lighting
Apple's iBeacon communicates directly with shoppers' smartphones when in stores. It's one of the biggest trends in mobile retail, but isn't without competition. Royal Philips' new connected retail lighting system is the latest technology that promises to communicate with smartphones, pushing out special offers based on location. Philips debuted an intelligent in-store LED lighting system at Euroshop in Düsseldorf this week. Continued

10. 50% of Thanksgiving Day online shopping will be mobile
Thanksgiving Day promised to give Black Friday a run for the money as the busiest shopping day this holiday season, fueled in no small part by mobile devices. The best deals and lowest prices are predicted to be found on Thanksgiving Day. And while the list of stores planning to be open on Thursday continues to grow, online sales are really expected to peak as shoppers plan to buy via mobile. Continued