Bergdorf Goodman revamps menswear

Luxury retailer Bergdorf Goodman is giving menswear a once over with a planned remodel of the department and new online initiative that includes launching a dedicated Instagram account for menswear.

The new account is separate from the brand's main profile and complements a similarly dedicated male-focused Twitter feed. The retailer has maintained a separate Twitter feed for menswear since 2009, according to Luxury Daily. Both accounts now use the same handle: @Goodmans.

Segregation of the genders has worked well for Bergdorf, which relocated the department to a dedicated store across the street from its Fifth Avenue flagship in 1990, and that building has also undergone an extensive remodel to showcase the new sub-brand, Goodman's.

"The name on our doors is and will always be Bergdorf Goodman. However, we wanted to shine a light on our men's business with the Goodman's sub-brand [to show] that our men's store is the only freestanding luxury multi-brand men's store in New York City," Joshua Shulman, Bergdorf president told Business of Fashion. "While men's is often homogenized into an overall women's environment at other department stores, our men's store is a true modern haberdashery with a range of brands."

The retailer reviewed product categories, added accessories and leather goods and converted the third flop to a more loft-like space. New brands are also being introduced.

Service is still a focus for the retailer, and a new VIP fitting room complex will be akin to a five-star hotel, said Shulman, complete with new bar to give the "Goodman" a place of his own.

Women shouldn't feel slighted, however. Bergdorf has also embarked on massive remodeling of its larger store, to be completed in spring/summer 2015.

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