Beacons reach 1 in 3 millennial moms

There's new evidence to suggest that proximity marketing delivered through a beacon network is reaching that most coveted demographic: millennial moms.

More than one out of every three millennial moms are now reachable via location-based engagements while they're shopping, according to new research by inMarket.

The proximity platform provider's latest data shows that 38 percent—or 3.4 million out of 9 million total—millennial moms in the United States are actively using beacon-enabled shopping apps and are reachable via beacon proximity engagements in stores every month.

Of the 41 million millennials, 20 percent are using beacon-enabled shopping apps each month, making them reachable by push messages.

Beacons are among the hottest topics in mobile retail and brand marketing today, and for good reason. Through platforms such as inMarket's, brands can reach shoppers at critical points in the shopping journey. But while many retailers are testing beacons, the results have been difficult to measure and shoppers have largely been unimpressed.

And this new research is no different. The sheer numbers of shoppers that can be reached by proximity messaging is impressive, but the ROI is still difficult to measure. Earlier research from iMarket conducted with Hillshire Brands revealed a 20-fold increase in purchase intent by those exposed to messaging. Even earlier data from June 2014 showed shoppers are 19 times more likely to engage with an advertised product in-store after receiving an in-store engagement.

Dave Heinzinger, senior director of communications for inMarket, told Street Fight Daily that the inMarket platform "generates, on average, a 14 percent increase in basket size, an 8 percent increase in incremental store visits, a 19x increase in product engagements at the shelf and a 6.4x increase in app retention thanks to in-store beacon and proximity engagements."

The jury may still be out on beacon's ROI, but retailers and brands know that the mobile device will play a critical role in reaching millennial parents at various stages along the path to purchase. By 2020, close to 75 percent of retailers will be able to identify shoppers when the enter a store and conceivably push messages to them once inside.

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