Asics opens New York City shop with in-store subway car

Asics opened a new retail store in Times Square in New York City, spanning more than 4,000 sq. ft. and showcasing a newly-renovated subway car. Inside the largest Asics stores in the United States, shoppers will be able to walk through retired MTA Subway car 8394, built in 1961. The space is meant to be a tribute to the city's history and consumers' inner athletes.

"Times Square is an iconic symbol of New York City, and Asics is proud to expand our retail footprint with a store right in the center of all the action," said Kevin Wulff, Asics America group president and CEO. "As a global brand, Asics is dedicated to bringing the best in athleticism and innovation to our family, friends and fans. With a store in the heart of Times Square, we hope to further celebrate New York as a melting pot of interests and cultures while continuing the pursuit of success."

The subway car is not only a symbol of New York, but also practical in that it displays footwear and apparel. After it officially retired in 1993, car 8394 spent 10 years in Hollywood on the sets of films such as GodzillaDie Hard and Money Train. Then, at some point abandoned, the car was found in the Mojave Desert in California and finally shipped to Burbank to start its official restoration. After six weeks, it was brought to the new Asics store in Times Square.

The store sits not far off from sportswear competitor Nike (NYSE:NKE), also located in Times Square. The dominant retailer owns 13.6 percent of the sportswear market and recently reported a strong quarter that included a 70 percent increase in e-commerce sales.

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