Armed Robbery At Costco Tied Up—And Sometimes Duct-Taped—40 Employees

On Monday (May 6), a Canadian man was sent to prison for 25 years for his role in an armed robbery of a Costco in Halifax. The man, Jermaine Carvery, had been charged with attempted murder, robbery and forcible confinement as part of a series of armed robberies that brought in almost a half-million dollars in cash and goods. The Costco robbery was arguably the most daring, as it involved binding and duct-taping the eyes of employees at the store—40 of them. That process took about two-and-a-half hours as the workers reported to Costco. Judge Kevin Coady of the Nova Scotia Supreme Court put Carvery's efforts into a literary context: "I get the impression that he views himself as a modern day Robin Hood, without the 'giving to the poor' component." Story

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