Apple's iPad Air Just in Time for Holiday Mobile Shopping

Apple's (Nasdaq: AAPL) launch of its new iPad Air yesterday, October 22, comes just in time for the predicted spike in consumers' use of mobile devices to research and buy products this holiday season.

The iPad Air – a lighter version of its iPad 2 - starts shipping November 1 around the world. While the iPad Air is priced at $499, Apple's old iPad 2 still available at $399.

The iPad has surpassed 170 million sold since its 2010 introduction, and accounts for more than 80 percent of tablet usage, making it one of the top avenues for mobile shoppers to purchase from their favorite stores this holiday season.

And consumers are predicted to be shopping more from their mobile devices this year than any other holiday shopping season. A new survey from Hipcricket found that 42 percent of consumers will shop more from a mobile device during the upcoming holiday season and 35 percent will spend more than $250 from smartphones and other devices.

An additional 16.5 percent will spend more than $500 using mobile devices, according to Hipcricket's "2013 Holiday Mobile Commerce Survey".

"This means that the total number of mobile purchases should increase significantly, as the survey also found that, in the past six months, close to 59 percent of smartphone users made at least one purchase on their device," Doug Stovall, COO at Hipcricket, told Mobile Commerce Daily.

In addition to making purchases on their smartphones and tablets, more shoppers will be using mobile devices as a shopping research tool, driving consumers into stores or back to desktops where they will complete their transactions, Stovall said.

In another study, a quarter of consumers were found to be using mobile commerce apps to help with in-store purchase decisions. The Parks Associates study found that 54 percent of Target shoppers used a mobile commerce app while shopping for electronics, compared to 38 percent of Walmart shoppers.

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