Apple opens next-gen store

Apple-watchers have been waiting to see what new head of retail Angela Ahrendts has planned for stores, and now that wait is over. Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) unveiled its next-generation store this week in Memphis, Tennessee, complete with new lighting, fixturing and a 37-ft. digital display.

First, what's missing—there's no logo on the store's facade, according to AppleInsider, which visited the location.

But the store embraces many elements of the existing successful design, including newer versions of the iconic wooden tables with motorized panels to hide electrical outlets.

There's more wood being used in the wall displays. Accessories, including speakers and headphones, are merchandised in an area dubbed "The Avenue," which is designed to replicate a window shopping experience on a sleepy street.

Elements of the new design are also expected to roll out to existing Apple stores, according to AppleInsider.

There some high-tech elements, including the massive floor-to-ceiling screen opposite the entrance and a ceiling with embedded light panels.

Ahrendts has been pushing to take Apple stores more upscale, discouraging the tradition of camping out before a new product release and adding more expensive items to the mix.

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