Amazon winning at mobile

Amazon has the most popular shopping app today, with nearly twice as many users as the next closest competitor.

The Amazon app is installed on close to 36 percent of all U.S. Android devices – eBay came in second, installed on 18 percent of Android devices, according to a report by SimilarWeb.

SimilarWeb looked at the most popular keyword searches on Android devices to determine a brand's best marketing strategy. Retailers should note that the most popular keyword search by shoppers while in-store is 'Amazon' as they seek out better prices.

EBay ranked second, Amazon Instant Video is No. 5, Walmart is No. 6, Wallapop No. 7 and Amazon Prime No. 8.

The remaining popular search terms in the Top 20 were mostly comprised of general terminology including "barcode scanner," "shopping list" and "out of milk."

The study also tracked referrals and found several interesting patterns. For example, Old Navy enjoys roughly 91 percent of its in-store mobile traffic via referrals from competitive retail sites including JCPenney, Kohl's and Ulta Beauty, thanks to similar keywords and descriptions.

While Amazon is killing it in search terminology, Walmart is converting shoppers from web to mobile apps at a very high rate. Roughly 65 percent of its external traffic comes directly from Walmart's website.

"Walmart's app is linked from its domain, and a competitor can look at this to discover what works to entice shoppers to take the next step and download the app," concludes the report. "Search is extremely important for e-commerce sites, because it indicates shoppers' interests and intent, as well as market trends and fads. Planning and executing a holistic online marketing strategy must account for seasonality in search, shoppers' preferences and loyalties, and changing interests in certain items and brands."

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