Amazon, Walmart, Apple Rank As Most-Shared Retailers On Pinterest

In the social media landscape, Pinterest is helping retailers boost sales as its users are more likely to make an e-commerce purchase. That should be good news for Amazon (Nasdaq:AMZN), Walmart (NYSE:WMT), and Apple (Nasdaq:AAPL), since members on Pinterest have "pinned" more items from their stores than any other retailer leading up to the holidays.

A study by digital marketing software and services specialist Searchmetrics found that content from generates the highest average number of pins per week by a landslide, with around 16,300 posts. Pins from Walmart come in second place, with around 5,700 weekly pins, and Apple comes in third place with just under 3,900 pins.

In total, 1,740,314 links to content on were found to have been uploaded by Pinterest users at the time of the study in late November. had received a total of 1,111,959 pins, while had 529,992 pins identified.

When it comes to social media, data suggests that Pinterest is a valuable source of traffic and sales for e-commerce sites. This is because Pinterest users are more likely to be in "purchase mode" while browsing photos of products than they would be on, say, Facebook or Twitter.

Pinterest is also doing its part to be of more value to retailers. Last month, Pinterest announced that it plans to partner with select retailers to allow brands to embed popular pins directly on their websites. The new service will make it easier for users to post content from retail websites to Pinterest, thereby increasing user engagement and potentially driving more traffic onto brands' e-commerce sites.

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