Amazon to dominate Holiday 2016

It's only June, but Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) is already expected to dominate the upcoming holiday season: 42 percent of shoppers plan to make the retailer their primary gift destination, according to a new survey from Signal.

Still, there's plenty of time and opportunity for rivals to capture market share. In spite of 42 percent of shoppers who say Amazon is their retailer of choice for purchasing most gifts, another 40 percent said it's not.

"The retail environment is a complicated battleground, with mega-competitors like Amazon and demanding consumers who want to shop when they want, how they want. But retailers don't have to be Amazon to succeed," said Signal CEO Mike Sands. "Instead, they can use the wealth of knowledge available in first-party data to understand their customers better than anyone else, gaining the edge they need to design personalized experiences that will delight holiday shoppers."

Key takeaways from the study show that consumers are shopping across channels and appreciate options such as buying online and picking up in stores.

Roughly 46 percent of shoppers appreciate relevant deals and discounts, making personalization and data use critical.

Shoppers have been increasingly turning to Amazon first, before even Google, to search for products and gift items. Reaching them before this happens will be critical for competitors this holiday season.

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