Amazon still perceived as a good place to shop

Despite the perception-damaging remarks about Amazon's (NASDAQ:AMZN) treatment of employees and workplace practices in a recent article in The New York Times, the damage won't stop consumers from buying on the e-commerce site.

Since the Aug. 15th article, online market research firm YouGov BrandIndex has followed the company's Buzz score, which dropped to 60 percent, its lowest point since the end of last October. Last time the perception of Amazon dipped was when Brad Stone's book "The Everything Store," was published, according to YouGov.

However, the number of shoppers who would consider purchasing from Amazon for their next purchase has only dropped from 72 percent to 70 percent. In 2014 and 2013, Amazon was seen as the best brand on the YouGov BrandIndex data.

Currently Amazon's Buzz score is 23. July 2013 was the last time the score was lower, with a 22 Buzz score, when Amazon announced a scale back on free delivery.

In July this year, Amazon was ranked as the top perceived brand for the first half of 2015, according to YouGov's mid-year results. Also in 2014, Amazon was the highest ranked brand overall in the United States.

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