Amazon Showing Off Its High-Fashion Offerings

Not every Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) shopper proved to be up to the introduction of fine art on the marketplace, but that hasn't deterred the online retailer from delving into high fashion. It's a far cry from the bookseller's origins, and not something most customers would expect, which is probably exactly why they're doing it, as All Things D's Jason Del Ray points out.

This week, some visitors to the homepage have been welcomed with a video of a model showing off her dress. It's the most in-your-face example of a fashion segment that has gradually grown and become somewhat distinct from the rest of the site. Just one look at Amazon Fashion's sleeker and less crowded design announces a different tone to shoppers.

The retailer's movement into the fashion space started over 10 years ago and has only continued to expand as Amazon acquired companies like Zappos and Quidsi. The current incarnation launched last year with full-price wear from brands such as Michael Kors and Vivienne Westwood.

It's clearly something that CEO Jeff Bezos is excited about. Speaking to All Things D last year, he expressed his interest in the new ideas being cultivated in the fashion segment.

"A lot of my time these days is spent on things like apparel, because I think there's a tremendous amount of invention going on there, especially in the web presentation of apparel," he said.

Amazon has even invested in a 40,000 square foot studio in Brooklyn which serves as a headquarters for the fashion division and has been rapidly making new hires. The online retail giant also launched a Pinterest-like feature called "Amazon Collections" earlier this month, further emulating the look and feel of a fashion-savvy site.

Whether any of that investment can make Amazon the in-style place to go for high fashion remains to be seen.

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