Amazon's Traffic In March Topped December—For The First Time Ever

For years, it's been a given that major e-tailors see December as their most active month, and that's certainly been the case for Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN). Until now, apparently. New figures from Comscore show March 2013 as Amazon's highest traffic month ever.

The significance of Amazon having its highest month ever is minimal, as the world's largest e-commerce site has repeatedly broken its own record, as its traffic has grown over time. But the fact that Amazon saw more traffic in March—a traditional ho-hum traffic month—than December is noteworthy. To be fair, the Comscore figures show that March only barely beat December (105.3 million unique visitors for March 2013 versus 104.8 million for December 2012), but that marks the first time March has even come close. March 2012 saw 90.2 million versus December 2011's 97.4 million, and March 2011 had 61.5 million compared with December 2010 at 76.7 million, according to Comscore figures.

Bizarrely, one investor site report this week reported the opposite, that Amazon was experiencing a "severe slowdown in Web traffic" and attributed the figures to Comscore. Turns out the site had seen growth percentage figures (as happens to all large sites, growth percentages shrink as the numbers get huge) and confused them with raw traffic numbers.

The Amazon numbers are impressive because of a huge spike in traffic for March. Last month's 105.3 million compares with 89.9 million for February. Granted, February is a slightly shorter month, but the year before, that didn't make nearly that much of a difference. March 2012's 90.2 million compares with February 2012's 90.1 million. March 2011 saw 61.5 million, and February 2011 saw 60.8 million.

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