Amazon's Poland Expansion Doesn't Leave Germany in Dust

While retail industry sources speculated that Amazon's (Nasdaq; AMZN) plan to add three distribution centers in Poland would lead to the shutdown of some of its facilities in Germany, Amazon says that is not the case.

The company has no plans to close existing distribution centers in Germany, an Amazon spokesman told Reuters. In fact, Amazon will soon open a new logistics center in Berlin that will create around 1,000 jobs.

The speculation about the closures came about because labor disputes and strikes in Germany have reportedly impacted the retailer.

Amazon expects to hire 6,000 full-time employees and as many as 9,000 temporary staff during peak seasons at two centers near Wroclaw and one facility near Poznan, 150 miles east of Berlin.

Amazon is building the three facilities in Poland because of its central location in Europe and access to a skilled workforce, Tim Collins, director of Amazon's European operations, told reporters at a news conference in Warsaw, Bloomberg reported.

One of the Wroclaw DCs and the Poznan facility will open in August 2014, while the second Wroclaw logistics hub will start operations in mid-2015.

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