Amazon's big miss might be anything but

Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) disappointed Wall Street this week, missing earnings expectations with a revenue bump of just 22 percent. Still, Amazon revenue reached new heights and now totals half that of Walmart's U.S. stores.

Walmart's U.S. revenue, based on its most recent quarterly report, was $72.2 billion compared to Amazon's $1.1 billion, a jump of 88 percent, according to Douglas McIntyre, writing for 24/7 Wall St.

Amazon's revenue was $21.5 billion in North America alone, or 30 percent of Walmart's U.S. revenue, notes McIntyre.

It's not an apples to apples comparison. Walmart operates stores and Amazon posts revenue from sales and services beyond what Walmart offers to consumers, but the two are competing directly as two of the world's largest retailers in terms of sales and marketshare.

In all, Amazon posted $107 billion in sales for 2015, compared to $89 billion a year ago.

Amazon's revenue could quickly eclipse that of the largest global retailers, including Kroger, Costco and Carrefour, and it's doing so strictly with online sales and Web services. Amazon is also growing Prime, adding benefits and members at a rapid clip.

Still, Amazon's profitability is weak. It posted a profit just once, during its second quarter this fiscal year. Wall Street punished the company severely for not meeting expectations this quarter, and the stock fell to a low of $545.97 after earnings were released, down from its closing price of $635.55 per share.

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