Amazon most talked about retailer on Black Friday, Cyber Monday

Which retailers engaged the best with customers through social media in the 24 hours surrounding Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Engagor's data not only shows which retailers sparked the most chatter, but which brands actually responded to customers.

Some of the key findings include that social media chatter was centered around Amazon on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The online retailer engaged more frequently, every 13 minutes, than other retailers on both days. On the flip side, Kmart had the least amount of social chatter.

"For the next month, I expect to see brands increasing the frequency of engagement with consumers on social," said Folke Lemaitre, founder and CEO, Engagor. "With Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales lower than the past, a more connected brand voice through networks like Twitter and Facebook could be the trick to attracting more customers' attention (and their wallets) and personalizing the holiday shopping experience."

Specifically, Amazon was mentioned 126,115 times on Black Friday and 182,401 times on Cyber Monday. Kmart came up on social media 4,207 times on Black Friday and 1,763 times on Cyber Monday. Other popular retailers on Black Friday included Walmart (69,050 mentions), Best Buy (44,818 mentions), Target (38,616 mentions) and Macy's (18,978 mentions). On Cyber Monday, top winners included Target (36,738), Macy's (25,892), Best Buy (21,473) and Kohl's (14,559).

Which retailers had the most positive chatter? On Black Friday, JCPenney had the highest volume of positive sentiment, 28 percent, and Kmart had the highest volume of negative sentiment, 41 percent. Conversely, on Cyber Monday, Kmart came out on top, with 36 percent of the positive sentiment and JCPenney had the most negative sentiment, 23 percent.

"I also expect to see more sales advertised on social in the next few weeks," said Lemaitre. "These could be flash sales or month-long, significant discounts on popular products, but either way, I believe brands will be working harder than usual to inspire customers to shop."

According to data from Salesforce, social media conversations concerning the holiday peaked on Black Friday with 2.7 million posts.

Social media is becoming an increasingly important channel for retailers. While only 5 percent of U.S. shoppers have ever made a purchase on a social media site, 20 percent said they would consider it, according to a DigitasLBi study conducted online by Harris Poll.

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