Amazon limits free, two-day shipping

Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) is pulling back on its Prime membership perk of free, two-day shipping. Depending on where the package is being delivered, the item may no longer qualify to ship within 48 hours for free.

In Amazon's new test, Ship by Region, merchants choose how far their items will ship with Amazon Prime, CNN Money reported. In the past, merchants decided items were either available for free shipping or they were not, but now they can choose specifically by location.

The test is limited and only affects some products shipping directly to consumers by sellers—most Prime items are shipped from an Amazon warehouse.

Prime membership has experienced a lot of changes in 2015. For starters, Amazon has expanded its reach of Prime Now, the one-hour delivery service, into several major cities including Seattle, Chicago, and Manhattan, New York. 

The company also hosted the first Prime Day, a 24-hour selling period with special deals and flash sales. Amazon made 18 percent more in sales on Prime Day than on Black Friday 2014.

As of July, Amazon had reached a milestone of 44 million Prime members, adding 3 million in just the three months prior.

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