Amazon Kills Post-Order Price Guarantee Policy

It looks like Amazon is no longer backing up its pricing, putting an end to its Post-Order Price Guarantee—a policy that allowed customers to recover the difference from an Amazon price drop within 30 days of a purchase. As of Monday (Sept. 1), customers who place orders on are not offered the 30-day guarantee, a customer service representative confirmed.

The representative said Amazon decided to do away with the policy because sometimes price drops on the Web site were actually special offers by the manufacturer of the product. Amazon would then have to compensate the difference to a customer who purchased that item within 30 days of the drop. Amazon corporate did not return repeated phone calls asking about the change. The sharks are already in the water, with at least one company smelling fresh blood. A new Web site called is hoping to benefit from Amazon's change, expediting the launch of a new price protection plan designed for Amazon users.