Amazon integrates Flow app to aid price matching (NASDAQ: AMZN) has integrated its Flow shopping app into the retailer's own, adding the ability to take photos and compare prices from its iOS app, and added a new partnership that promises more video ads.

Amazon released Flow in 2011 and has been developing it ever since. The feature lets shoppers take a photo of a product, bypassing the need for a barcode scanner. Shoppers can compare prices and buy instantly, directly from the app.
"Flow instantly matches products in your home to items on Amazon," Sam Hall, vice president of Amazon Mobile, said in a statement. "Once you have added that box of garbage bags or baby wipes, just keep moving your phone over other packaged goods you need to restock and the Amazon app recognizes the product and saves it into your search history. You can search items lined up on the counter, stored on a shelf, or pick them out of a cupboard, taking care of your shopping needs in seconds."

Flow recognizes millions of products, according to Amazon. It allows shoppers to more easily compare prices and compile shopping lists. It displays product information, customer reviews and video content on the retailer's site.

Amazon will also be treating shoppers to more video content, thanks to a new partnership with FreeWheel that will build out a video advertising platform.

Amazon and FreeWheel are working to integrate relevant brands and e-commerce advertising experiences within video content to help customers more easily find and purchase products. Entertainment products such as video games could include a "Shop Now" button and movie trailers may include a short pre-roll advertisement. Amazon shoppers will also see more "how-to" videos and other video content across several product categories.

Re/code reported that FreeWheel has also been working with Amazon to deliver video ads into a selection of TV show episodes on the Kindle Fire.

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