Amazon fastest growing retail brand on social media

Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) is one of retail's fastest growing brands on social media. According to the latest Retail Social Media Benchmark results from eDigitalResearch, Amazon topped the Facebook and Twitter ranks.

Due to the recent success of Prime Day, Amazon gained more than 1.2 million new followers on Twitter since the last wave back in March. The event was highly promoted through television spots on social media, and it seemed to pay off as the e-retailer sold 18 percent more than on Black Friday 2014.

In addition, Amazon has gained more than five million new Facebook followers since eDigitalResearch first started benchmarking social media in 2010.

Another retailer that has made big improvements on social media is Primark. According to the study, the Irish fashion chain has gained 500,000 new followers on their Facebook page despite not having an e-commerce site. The brand has also attracted 800,000 new followers on Instagram, moving them into fourth place on the benchmark's newly introduced league table.

The study also looked at "noise" around brands using Facebook's "Talking About" feature. The results show that a high number of followers do not necessarily mean social conversations. Asda and Tesco, who placed 9th and 10th overall, ranked in the top two for the "talking about" measure.

"Social media usage is now paramount for retail brands who need to ensure they are reaching out and proactively engaging with their audience. The popularity of social media platforms for brands continues to grow at a substantial rate, reaching more consumers than ever before—customers are living out their brand experiences on social media," said Kat Hounsell, sales and marketing director at eDigitalResearch.

According to recent data from the Pew Research Center, 91 percent of retailers are on two or more social media sites.

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