Amazon dominates mobile

Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) "blows away" the competition when it comes to mobile, as visitors spend more than five times longer on its mobile site than on those of its closest competitors.

Mobile visitors spend an average 103 minutes on Amazon, but just 20 minutes on Target and 14 minutes on Walmart's mobile sites, according to a new report by Cantor Fitzgerald.

Additionally, Amazon shoppers return to the site more frequently, roughly six times a month compared to 2.5 for Walmart and two times for Target, reported Business Insider.

"Our analysis of mobile data for leading e-commerce and traditional players shows how Amazon not only leads the group in mobile adoption and usage, but that the gulf between the time spent with the company and virtually all other platforms is expanding rapidly, implying further market share gains ahead," Cantor Fitzgerald's research analyst Youssef Squali wrote.
A majority of shoppers are now visiting retail websites on mobile devices – close to 80 percent, according to ComScore. Capturing, keeping and converting those shoppers is a priority, and is the reason behind Target's recent website redesign.

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