Amazon buys provider of IoT services for business

In a move that will expand its capabilities in the Internet of Things for business uses, Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) has acquired 2lemetry, a startup that has developed a platform to track and manage IP-enabled machines and other connected devices, reported TechCrunch.

Terms of the transaction were not disclosed, but an Amazon spokesperson definitively confirmed the deal. "I can confirm that Amazon has acquired 2lemetry and we look forward to continuing to support 2lemetry customers," he said. 2lemetry's customers include Honeywell, the Demeter energy group and office recycling service First Mile.

2lemetry has also confirmed the deal on its website, stating: "As you may have heard, Amazon has acquired 2lemetry. Our existing service has not changed, and with Amazon we will offer our same customer support. We still have the same name and branding as before."

The company's technology is focused on stores and businesses, and less on the home use for which Amazon's Echo hardware is intended.

Amazon may use 2lemetry's products for physical commerce by integrating the services with standing beacon technology.

2lemetry has apparently also developed facial recognition technology, which can maintain analytical data on the age and gender of individuals.

Earlier this year 2lemetry raised $4 million from investors such as Salesforce Ventures, bringing its total funding to $9 million, reported GeekWire.

"Enterprise companies struggle with the noise generated from massive amounts of IoT data," said Kyle Roche, CEO and Co-Founder of 2lemetry. "We boil all that data down to manageable insights, and with 2lemetry Integrate, we bring that intelligence into Salesforce, so customers can quickly and effectively act on that data. Because we seamlessly integrate with Salesforce, companies can easily act upon the information in an environment that they're already used to."

It remains unclear how Amazon plans to use the acquired technology, which uses data from connected devices to improve the efficiency of operations and accelerate product development.

2lemetry's cloud-based platform serves as middleware for large networks of Web-connected embedded devices—that is the IoT—by translating various protocols used by connected devices, setting messaging rules and analyzing the data traffic it handles to derive insights.

2lemetry claims that its solution can work with any protocol or hardware platform, automatically adding new devices as they join a network and scaling to millions of devices without hurting performance.

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