Amazon and Brita's Wi-Fi pitcher auto-orders filters

Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) is launching another test item to its offerings: a Brita brand water pitcher that automatically orders new filters via Wi-Fi.

The new Wi-Fi–enabled Brita Infinity pitcher has a built-in counter that tracks the amount of water that passes through the pitcher's filter. The pitcher automatically orders a new filter through Amazon Dash Replenishment when the old one nears its capacity. 

The $45 pitcher went on sale yesterday and is exclusive to Amazon.

"We saw an opportunity to work with Amazon to make keeping up-to-date on filter changes effortless for Brita users," said Brita general manager Ed Huber. "By integrating WiFi connectivity into this pitcher so it can connect with Amazon Dash Replenishment, we've created an elegant, simple solution to eliminate that moment when you realize you didn't reorder your filter."

"Our goal is to ensure customers always have the everyday essentials they need, and with Dash Replenishment, smart household products know when it's time to reorder to keep those essentials in stock," said Daniel Rausch, director, Amazon Devices. "Customers will always have clean, great-tasting water. That moment of realizing you haven't changed your filter in months, and you don't have one on hand, is gone—a new filter magically appears on a customer's doorstep right when it's needed."

"You want to make your brand more relevant and appealing to young consumers," Huber told Re/code. "And they're interested in devices that take steps out."

The pitcher works in much the same way as the Dash button, which Amazon has been making available for a variety of household items. Consumers can place the Dash button near where they keep the product—the laundry room for detergent, the bathroom for toothpaste—and just push the button to reorder frequently used items.

This new water pitcher is the first to integrate the feature into the product itself.

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