Alibaba names Michael Evans president

Michael Evans has been named president of Alibaba Group, responsible for leading and executing the international growth strategy outside of China.

Evans will continue his role as a management member of the Alibaba Group Board. He has served as an independent director since Alibaba's initial public offering in September 2014.

"Through his work on our board, he has built the trust and respect of our management team, and I have no doubt that he will make a significant contribution to our business," said Alibaba Group Executive Chairman Jack Ma.

Now, Evans will be tasked with creating partnerships with key brands, retailers and product owners in Europe, the Americas and Asia to connect them with the 350 million consumers in China.

"Michael has been a close advisor to Alibaba Group for many years, and we greatly value his deep knowledge of our business, his experience as a proven business builder and leader globally, and his more than 20 years of experience in China," said Alibaba Group CEO Daniel Zhang.

Alibaba's new president will focus on customer service, efficiency and productivity to ensure the company delivers high quality experience to international merchants and consumers in China, who are part of a $525 billion e-commerce market that is now outpacing North America. 

"As we connect Alibaba and the rest of the world, we are turning to a proven international leader who has been connecting China and the rest of the world for most of his career," Ma said.

Evans has 30 years of experience in global finance, including 20 years as partner at Goldman Sachs. His roles ranged from leadership positions in the securities and investment banking divisions, vice chairman, head of global growth markets, and chairman of Asia.

He is currently on the board of directors for Barrick Gold Corporation, Castleton Commodities International and various not-for-profit organizations. Press Release