Aldi's prices cheaper than Walmart's

German grocery chain Aldi offers dramatically cheaper prices on food than Walmart (NYSE:WMT), according to a recent price check by blogger Erin Kelly.

Kelly compared 28 items at Aldi and Walmart at two Manhattan, Kansas, stores and found that Aldi's prices were 22 percent less expensive, reported Business Insider.

The total basket for all 28 items at Aldi came to $64.06, compared to $82.62 at Walmart.

"With the exception of the milk and eggs, which usually are cheaper at Aldi, every single item was cheaper at Aldi than Walmart. Every penny adds up," Kelly wrote.

Last year, Cheapism did a similar study and found that Aldi had lower prices than both Walmart and Kroger. That study compared 37 items from three locations in the Columbus, Ohio, area. The Aldi basket came to $72.30, the Walmart basket came to $85.88, and the Kroger basket came to $93.73.

"Where I live, I compare prices to Walmart, HyVee, Dillons and two local grocery stores. Aldi is consistently the big winner on just about everything, unless there's some sort of a mega sale going on," wrote Kelly.

Kelly did mention that she often has to make two trips, one to Aldi and one to Walmart, since Aldi is heavy on house brands and carries only about 5 percent of the typical grocery store inventory.

Aldi saves money by requiring customers to bring their own bags, and to pay a 25 cent deposit on shopping carts, which is refunded when the cart is returned but saves the cost of employees rounding them up.

Last fall, Aldi announced it would introduce several new organic product lines. The chain claims to save customers 25 percent on their normal organic basket as the store continues to offer upmarket products.

Aldi has more than 1,300 U.S. locations in the Midwest and East, and plans to open 650 more stores in the next four years.

In June, Walmart rolled out its grocery price comparison tool for shoppers. Available on and Walmart's mobile app, Savings Catcher compares advertised prices from retailers such as Aldi, Harris-Teeter, Target, Walgreens and HEB.

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