Aldi revamps checkout, increases healthy foods



Discount grocer Aldi is increasing its selection of organics and healthy options, while staying true to its low price policy.

To reduce impulse buys of snack foods or unhealthy products, Aldi is introducing healthier checklanes in select stores this year. Rather than chocolates and candies, these checklanes will be stocked with healthier items like single-serve nuts and trail mixes, dried fruits and an assortment of granola bars.

Aldi plans to roll out the program to its nearly 1,500 locations by the end of 2016.

"By introducing healthier checklanes and through a number of other initiatives, we are doing our part to remove temptation at checkout and stocking stores with even more nutritious options," said Jason Hart, CEO, Aldi. "At Aldi, we truly care about our customers, and we're responding with guilt-free checkout zones and increased food options they can feel good about."

Changes go beyond the checkout lanes. Aldi's assortment is 90 percent private label and these products are now free of certified synthetic colors, partially hydrogenated oils and added MSG. Aldi recently found that more than half of Americans believe items without artificial ingredients are more expensive and harder to find, and the company is responding to customers' priorities, all at the lowest prices possible.

Dairy products are now all free from artificial growth hormones, and items on the perimeter of the store—fresh foods—are being expanded, including fresh and organic meat and produce.

Aldi is also partnering with a registered dietician to provide tips, recipes and meal-planning ideas.

Grocers have been expanding natural and organic offerings, bringing healthier options across product categories. Target, Walmart and Kroger have all made this a priority and increased competition in the natural food aisles is putting pressure on Whole Foods, forcing it to lower prices.

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