Is Albertsons bringing loyalty back?

Just 10 months after Albertsons supermarkets ended its customer loyalty card program, Albertsons-owned Market Street announced it would get back in the loyalty game with a new program complete with mobile app.

The new Market Street program replaces the existing "Smart Rewards" loyalty program that has been available at the seven Dallas-area Market Street stores. More than 167,000 shoppers are currently enrolled in the program. These shoppers were rolled over from the "Smart Rewards" cards and have until May 20 to redeem their existing loyalty points from the previous program.

The updated Market Street mobile phone app allows shoppers to update their profiles for a customized experience where they can view purchase recommendations, product coupons and free offers. Guests can also view and share shopping lists via text and email, as well as add unique recipes and coupons.

Albertsons drew criticism last year when it decided to eliminate its "Preferred Blue" loyalty program, despite offering all of its weekly deals to consumers without having to scan a card to get the discount.

In a letter to customers posted on its blog, the company said its Preferred Card "isn't so special anymore. Everyone has one. So we want to take the special step of not requiring one anymore." While the company canceled the grocery program, it still offered a Fuel Rewards program, in which shoppers with Preferred Cards can earn gasoline discounts.

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