Airport Retail Goes High-End In NYC

Airports have been turning into shopping malls with boarding gates for decades, but at New York City's three airports—JFK, LaGuardia and Newark—the trend over the past few years has been toward very pricey shopping malls. For example, at JFK's newly expanded Terminal 4, new retailers include men's apparel stores Thomas Pink and Michael Kors (NYSE:KORS), luxury handbag store Coach (NYSE:COH), and trendy eateries like Shake Shack and Blue Smoke. The focus is increasingly on international travelers with money to spend and nowhere else to go, and the result is the highest sales in the airports since 2009. "If you were flying back in 2005, you probably did not come across too many designer handbags in airports," said one retailer spokesperson. "Now you can't swing a dead cat without hitting Michael Kors, Coach, Juicy Couture, you name it." Story