An Acid Bath For A POS Terminal? (Gives a whole new meaning to the word "terminal")

Ever had the desire to take the old POS you've been looking to upgrade and make it the centerpiece of a bonfire? Or shoot it out of a cannon? Or let a buzzsaw loose on it?

Well, POS vendor Vivonet wants to encourage retailer's inner beasts with a promotion that offers $10,000 to the retailer who can most sadistically and dramatically destroy a POS unit.

The idea of the contest is to have retailers post their videos on YouTube, with the money going to the creator of the most popular video. They've posted a short video to give retailers some ideas, but the examples shown in the video are rather lame. When it comes to brutality and juvenile destructiveness, nobody can touch an angry StorefrontBacktalk reader. So come on and win this one for angry retail IT managers everywhere.