ABI: Retail Tech Spend To Hit $21 Billion By 2014

ABI Research is predicting that overall retail tech spending will grow to nearly $21 billion in 2014, an almost 50 percent increase from last year. The global integrated POS new sales segment alone will likely be at $6.56 billion this year, growing to $7.2 billion next year and $8.5 billion by 2014, said ABI Research Director Larry Fisher.

In North America, those integrated POS figures will be $3.3 billion this year, barely rising to $3.6 billion next year and inching up a bit more to hit $4.3 billion by 2014. The slower growth in North America is overwhelmingly because of installed base. As the sales are limited to new sales, it's going to reflect much smaller percentage growth for an established market such as North America.