Abercrombie's Look Policy Just Keeps Getting More Expensive

Abercrombie & Fitch (NYSE:ANF) broke federal and state civil rights laws in 2010 when the chain fired an associate at one of its Hollister stores for refusing to take off her hijab, a Muslim head scarf, a federal judge ruled last week. OK, that's not uncommon with Abercrombie. But the chain lost in part because it claimed letting Hani Khan wear her hijab on the job would present "undue hardship" to the company's brand and sales. Trouble is, Khan had been wearing the religiously mandated hijab for four months without problems before a district manager visited the store and laid down the law: Lose it or you're fired. Yes, Abercrombie bans black clothing, unfashionable hairstyles and apparently common sense, but when the problems start only when a district manager arrives at a store, maybe the problems aren't in the store. How much Abercrombie will have to pay out will be decided at trial starting later this month. Story