A 600-Foot Passive RFID System?

RFID vendor Mojix has rolled out a new RFID system that it says can read passive, Gen2-standard tags from 600 feet away; cover 250,000 square feet of area; and pinpoint tag location in 3D, according to this intriguing RFID Update story.

The move is interesting, because it shows a vendor's willingness to play with the assumed RFID rules to try and generate a little retail ROI. The story quotes company officials saying that the claims are based on advances in digital signal processing, RF antenna design and computational processing power. Mojix's STAR 1000 differs from traditional RFID systems by using separate components to power and read tags. "There is no rule of physics or regulation that says the receiver and transmitter have to be in the same housing," said Kevin Duffy, Mojix senior vice president of sales and marketing.