99% of shoppers like BOPIS

Nearly all shoppers who have used the buy online pick-up in store option are happy with the results, according to a new study by Retale.

The study polled 500 shoppers who had used BOPIS and found that 99 percent of shoppers said they were pleased with the experience and 70 percent were "very pleased." Only 1 percent of respondents said they were disappointed.

The availability of BOPIS is influencing shoppers, with 29 percent saying they have made a decision on where to buy something because of it. Roughly 30 percent of shoppers are also picking up additional items when at the store. 

It's an overwhelmingly positive response and validation to those retailers that have implemented BOPIS as part of omnichannel efforts.

"BOPIS shoppers are overwhelmingly positive about the experience," said Pat Dermody, President of Retale. "They have a clear desire to navigate seamlessly across channels and are even picking retailers based off of BOPIS availability. However, despite the great experience, the majority are still buying online and picking up in-store infrequently."

The majority of shoppers chose the option to avoid paying shipping fees and not surprisingly, these shoppers would increase their use of the service if offered discounts, deals or other financial incentives to do so. An earlier survey from Kibo noted that nearly 95 percent of shoppers are now using some aspect of omnichannel retail and 60 percent would switch for a better digital experience. 

The study also noted areas of improvement: Retailers could do a better job of identifying pick-up locations within the store and making sure items are in stock and ready for pick up.

"Buying online and picking up orders in-store can lead to more in-store transactions for retailers," said Dermody. "Given the bottom line value and the response to the experience from shoppers, it would seem logical to consider incentivizing more shoppers to use BOPIS."

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