93% of dads looking for deals

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Fathers are big on saving money and searching for deals. (EpicStockMedia/Getty Images Plus)

In advance of Father's Day, Valassis looked at at how dad's shop and found that 93% of them are looking for coupons online before shopping, compared to 81% of consumers in general. 

Savings apps are popular with dads, as 80% of those surveyed use a coupon app and 72% use a deal comparison app, versus 61% and 47% of moms. And fathers are more likely to switch a purchase based on a purchase, 89% versus 63% of all consumers. 

And it seems dads go into shopping with a strategy. As many as 68% of respondents have a plan before shopping and 82% look at a record of their shopping history with online retailers (compared to 53% of all consumers) during the shopping journey. 

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In addition, dads look for coupons both online and on paper. Sixty-three percent prefer to download coupons to their shopper card, 61% prefer mail or mobile device and 58% look at a newspaper coupon book. 

Curtis Tingle, CMO of Valassis, said that it was surprising to find that dads have a stronger affinity than all other consumers for mobile deals and alerts while shopping. 

Even if a deal is the top goal, two-thirds of dads said they value convenience over saving money, versus 42% of moms and 35% of all consumers. Tingle does not find this result surprising, as it aligns with the fact that value has evolved to encompass convenience, experience and savings. 

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And sharing is not just for the young, as 86% of dads share brand reviews with friends and family after a purchase, versus 62% of consumers in general. Also, they care about their community, as 65% of respondents try to shop local and 55% try to buy only organic and natural products. 

"While parental roles continue to evolve and meld, old stereotypes—such as mothers using coupons much more frequently than fathers when shopping—are quickly fading as 'traditional tasks' like planning, shopping and saving are no longer bucketed to a certain parent," Tingle told FierceRetail. "This research proves that dads want a good deal, too, and they are willing to spend time searching for one."