91% of shoppers to make mobile purchase this holiday

Mobile apps are expected to drive holiday sales as increasing numbers of shoppers expect to make purchases on a mobile app.

In fact, 54 percent of app users plan to do at least half of their holiday shopping on a mobile app, via smartphone or tablet, according to new data from Artisan Research.

In a survey of 500 consumers, 94 percent of respondents strongly agreed or agreed that they are purchasing and browsing products on apps more than ever before, and 91 percent intend to buy items from a mobile device this holiday season.

Just as mobile use has exploded since 2013, apps are playing a larger role in shoppers' lives.

Approximately 91 percent of users expect to make purchases through an app this holiday season, 14 percentage points higher than last year. Ninety-six percent plans to browse or research products via mobile, an 8 percent jump from last year's survey, according to Artisan.
Smartphones continue to edge out tablets as the preferred mobile device for shopping, according to a survey by Retale. The location-based mobile platform found that 47 percent prefer using a smartphone for shopping and just 32 percent preferred the tablet.

And while finding store locations was the top smartphone activity for 61 percent of those surveyed, tablet users preferred to research products on the larger devices. This was the only activity for which tablets won out over smartphones.

Loyalty among app users is high. They are using multiple apps frequently and mobile apps are proving to a popular starting point for shoppers, even when they choose to complete a purchase by other means.

Roughly 51 percent of respondents said that they frequently or always make purchases by other means after browsing products on a mobile or tablet app, while 40 percent said they occasionally do. And while the majority (42 percent) choose to complete a purchase by using a computer, 21 percent visit a store.

"Consumers are shopping on apps more than ever before, and we'll see apps play an even bigger role this holiday season than last year," said Bob Moul, CEO, Artisan Mobile. "Not only are consumers making purchases via apps, but they're also browsing on these apps before making purchases with that app's brand either on their desktops or in-store. Apps are becoming such a critical part of the shopping experience, and that's why retailers and marketers need to understand how to deliver a personalized experience that will engage their app users – who also tend to be a brand's most loyal customers."

Among those owning a mobile device, 73 percent plan to use them for holiday shopping. The most common mobile shopping activities are finding deals (97 percent); comparing prices (96 percent) researching products (96 percent); accessing coupons (92 percent); finding stores (89 percent); and buying directly from the device (85 percent).

Retailers may no longer have cause to be concerned about showrooming. According to the Retale survey, smartphones are being used in and outside of stores almost equally, and the top in-store activity is accessing coupons and the most common out of store activity is making a purchase from a mobile phone.

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