91% of retailers on two or more social media platforms

According to the Pew Research Center, more than half of adults use more than one social network, therefore, retailers are also using social media channels. Yesmail, tracking the social media habits of 50 top retail brands, found that more than 90 percent of brands are using two or more social networks.

Specifically, all of the brands in the home goods category were using multiple channels, reported AdWeek. Even more connected, 86 percent of apparel retailers are using four channels of social media and more than 60 percent had a presence on all of the five social networks that were analyzed.

The most popular social network across all retail categories was Facebook (NASDAQ:FB), with 100 percent saturation of home goods, apparel and big box brands. The second most popular was Twitter (NYSE:TWTR), with more than 90 percent of retailers in four categories. And while Instagram was popular among apparel brands, 82 percent, adoption was much slower in other categories.

Growth of followers was slowest on Facebook, whereas followers on Instagram, especially in the apparel category, saw an increase of 400 percent in followers.

Retailers are starting to harness the power of social media for more than just marketing opportunities, but also as shoppable platforms. Promoted Pins, launched just this year on Pinterest, offer businesses the opportunity to get their products in front of potential buyers. Pinterest is also set to release a buy button later this year. In addition, Twitter and Facebook have both launched initial tests of buy buttons on their platforms this year.

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