90% of users will make holiday purchase through apps

Mobile and tablet apps are playing an increasingly large role in the purchasing habits of consumers, and as many as 94 percent of respondents in a recent survey strongly agreed or agreed that they are purchasing and researching products on apps more than before. According to Artisan Mobile's research, 91 percent of consumers intend to make a purchase through a mobile or tablet app this holiday season.

Not only will one purchase be made, but for 54 percent of those surveyed, half or more of their holiday shopping—purchases and/or browsing—will be made via mobile and/or tablet app.

"Consumers are shopping on apps more than ever before, and we'll see apps play an even bigger role this holiday season than last year," said Bob Moul, CEO, Artisan Mobile. "Not only are consumers making purchases via apps, but they're also browsing on these apps before making purchases with that app's brand either on their desktops or in-store. Apps are becoming such a critical part of the shopping experience, and that's why retailers and marketers need to understand how to deliver a personalized experience that will engage their app users–who also tend to be a brand's most loyal customers."

The study also revealed that apps are a great tool for research, as 51 percent of consumers make purchases in-store or by desktop after browsing a product on an app. Those making purchases via app are shopping on four or more mobile apps, 44 percent, or four or more tablet apps, 39 percent. And as many as 75 percent of consumers browse or make purchases on an app multiple times a month—47 percent conduct this behavior weekly.

App use is definitely on the rise when it comes to holiday shopping, as the number of consumers using them to purchase this holiday season will be 14 percent higher than last year. And the number of consumers using apps to research products this holiday season is up 8 percent.

How much holiday shopping will be done via app? As many as 14 percent will do up to one-quarter of their holiday shopping via an app, 25 percent plan to do one-third, 26 percent plan to do one-half, and 18 percent plan to do three-quarters.

It seems that consumers grow loyal to the apps that they are using. Seventy-five percent of survey respondents said they are very or extremely loyal to the apps that they have, 10 percent higher than last year's survey. Starbucks is a prime example of a retailer who is benefitting greatly from the launch of a loyalty app. The company reported back in July that its app accounts for about 14 percent of all U.S. transactions.

Another recent survey by Simon Malls revealed that apps can even affect what physical stores a shopper frequents. As many as 53 percent of all shoppers prefer stores or malls with apps.

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