88% of shoppers want faster checkout

A recent online Harris Poll, commissioned by Digimarc Corporation, found that 88 percent of U.S. adults want their store checkout experience to be faster. Specifically, 50 percent named slow checkout speeds and long lines as their top grievances with the purchasing process.

"Checkout is the last opportunity a retailer has to make a positive impression on a shopper," said Larry Logan, chief marketing officer at Digimarc. "Asking customers to endure a lengthy wait to process and pay for their order can spoil what may have otherwise been an enjoyable shopping experience."

Another checkout disappointment, according to the survey, was the lack of human interaction and perceived gratitude. As many as 61 percent of shoppers polled agree that clerks focus most on scanning items and less on discovering if customers are satisfied. And 30 percent say they feel like a burden to the sales associate when they arrive at the checkout with a full cart.

In addition, about three-quarters of respondents say they avoid self-check out because of possible technical problems. In total, about 45 percent of consumers who avoid self-checkout do so because of technical or barcode scanning difficulties.

However, shoppers are eager to scan packages with smartphones to get additional information. As many as 73 percent would scan products for special offers and promotions. Some consumers are even ready to use mobile for checkout. In a recent Verifone survey, 84 percent of shoppers said they would use a phone to pay for small and moderate purchases.

Retailers are increasingly adding mobile payment options, including Chick-fil-A, which recently announced the launch of a mobile payment platform nationwide and a test of mobile ordering, and Starbucks (NASDAQ:SBUX), which rolled out its mobile order and pay app at Portland area stores.

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