88% of consumers prefer brand's e-commerce site to third-party retailer

Eighty-two percent of consumers expect to be able to transact directly with their favorite brands, and 88 percent would prefer it to purchasing with a third-party retailer.

According to BrandShop's 2015 Digital Consumer Preferences Survey, brands who meet these expectations have a better chance of gaining consumer loyalty, and therefore, increased revenue.

"Our survey reveals that transacting is a vital part of how consumers want to engage with a brand, and DTC brand marketplaces are the best destinations for consumers to experience a brand and its products in a way that only a brand can deliver," said Reuben Hendell, CEO of BrandShop. "Currently, brands are underinvesting in direct-to-consumer initiatives, but are starting to catch up to these changes in the marketplace."

Digital commerce is definitely a must, as 71 percent of respondents said they shop online at least several times a month. Yet only 18 percent are highly satisfied with their online shopping experience. And before shopping, 96 percent of those surveyed said they do research, an important step in the buying process.

When doing research, 58 percent of shoppers start a product search on Google, and 22 percent go directly to a brand's website. Surprisingly, third-party retailers and marketplaces, such as Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN), were third in line, with just 14 percent of respondents starting their product searches there.

Although brand sites are the second most popular place for research, there is definitely room for growth when it comes to brands interacting with consumers. According to the survey, 72 percent of those surveyed were not fully satisfied with the current online shopping experience provided by brands.

Third-party retailers still dominate when it comes to final sales, with 78 percent of respondents making frequent purchases on Amazon.

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