87% of US shoppers consult Amazon for gifts

Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) continues to be a big player during the holiday shopping season, as a survey by BloomReach indicated that users are treating Amazon like a search engine. Looking at consumer behavior during the Thanksgiving shopping period, 87 percent comparison shopped on Amazon for their gift purchases. And in total, 47 percent will comparison shop on Amazon for more than 50 percent of all holiday purchases.

Why Amazon? About 43 percent of U.S. shoppers said they chose Amazon because of the marketplace's ability to find or predict what they want more quickly, while 33 percent said Amazon has better prices.

When it's time to purchase, 73 percent of those surveyed will buy on Amazon, with 71 percent spending more than a quarter of their budgets on the e-commerce marketplace. And more than 31 percent will spend more than half their budget on Amazon.

Even if a consumer finds exactly the product they want with acceptable pricing and shipping, 28 percent will still compare the product on Amazon, with only 29 percent stating they'd buy it right then.

In comparison to other search engines, 39 percent of U.S. consumers see Amazon's search capabilities as better than Google's. Only 8 percent voted for Google's search as the best. Another 46 percent of shoppers won't use Google Shopping to look for gifts and 29 percent don't know what it is.

On Black Friday alone, Slice Intelligence reported that Amazon garnered 35.7 percent of all online spending.

"Probably the top advantage that Amazon has is its resources. Amazon has massive amounts of proprietary search and consumer-purchase data to apply its significant algorithmic intelligence for personalized search," said BloomReach head of marketing and partnerships Joelle Kaufman. "If I'm a retailer, I have a mandate to look outside of my own data silo to better present exactly what my customers want very quickly. When consumers are used to typing in two letters in their own way and seeing exactly what they want, retailers can't rely on simply knowing who bought what."

When a shopper was unaware of what to get as a gift, 35 percent named Amazon as the starting point; 23 percent said search engines; 20 percent said a retailer's physical store; 14 percent named a retailer's website; and 6 percent said marketplaces such as Groupon.

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