8 things shoppers dislike about mobile

Mobile use is on the rise, having jumped 45 percent over the holidays, but are retailers meeting shoppers' expectations when it comes to the mobile experience? Bizrate Insights, a division of Connexity, surveyed more than 100,000 online shoppers and uncovered their biggest complaints.

The number one pain point is the need to enlarge a screen. One-third of online shoppers were annoyed by having to pinch and zoom, and by mistakenly clicking due to links being too close together.

Mobile users tend to scroll more than click, so retailers should support scrolling and pad links to reduce any stray taps, according to Bizrate Insight VP Hayley Silver.  

Slow load times are another annoyance to 25 percent of mobile users. Retailers should keep mobile sites lean, reduce file images and minimize dependency requests.

Omnichannel initiatives may be forcing retailers to offer items across platforms but inconsistent product availability is bugging 21 percent of mobile shoppers.

"The mobile and desktop shopping experiences are bound to look different on the surface, but shoppers hate it when they are fundamentally different," said Silver. "Completely changing your navigation or product availability on mobile can lead to frustration for omnichannel shoppers."

Users also complained of too-small text, being forced to enter information (no one enjoys typing on a mobile device), too-small images and limited product information.

Data concerns are also an issue for 11 percent of those surveyed, and nearly two-thirds of U.S. shoppers don't trust retailers with payment or personal information. For retailers, it pays to use terminology that allays security concerns and offer alternative digital payment options like mobile wallets.

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