63% of shoppers look for better prices while in store

Mobile is driving the shopping experience both in stores and online. Roughly 73 percent of all online buyers are using a mobile device to shop online, and 21 percent are using mobile devices to help them shop in stores, according to Bizrate Insights, a division of Connexity.

While retailers are adding mobile features to help streamline shopping by offering product reviews, additional inventory and even product locators and mapping services, price is still the biggest reason for shoppers to use a mobile device.

Close to 63 percent of shoppers use mobile to shop the competition while in a store, and 58 percent are comparing prices and coupons available at their present location to that same retailer's online prices and deals.

"The 58 percent who look for better prices and coupons at competitors while in your store highlights how important it is for retailers to offer consistent pricing and discounts across channels," said Hayley Silver, VP of Bizrate Insights.

Roughly 40 percent of shoppers said they checked item availability on their mobile device before heading to a store.

It's not just pricing and cross-channel parity that's important; retailers also need to re-examine how that information is presented. An earlier survey by Bizrate Insights revealed the eight things shoppers disliked most about the mobile experience.

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