60% of shoppers increasingly shopping online

More than 60 percent of shoppers are shopping more online, especially women and millennials, according to a new SmartFocus survey. The trend is most prevalent among women, with 71 percent trending toward online shopping.

The survey shows a significant age-related gap in digital shopping preferences. Nearly half of all millennials spend more time shopping online than in stores, while only 27 percent of Baby Boomers prefer to shop online.

"The U.S. shopper survey shows that consumers are becoming more sophisticated about digital shopping," said Rob Mullen, SmartFocus CEO and retail marketing expert. "Using mobile phones and tablets to find bargains is becoming the norm rather than the exception."

Despite the rising interest in online shopping, digital currently accounts for only 6 percent of all sales.

There is also a difference in gender preference. Women are more likely than men to buy products on a smartphone or receive offers from brands via mobile or digital. However, about half of men and women in the United States didn't mind sharing personal data with brands.

"In today's digital world, it's about reaching out to shoppers with their preferred technology—their mobile phone—and offering them relevant deals," Mullen said. "The survey reinforces that fact that shoppers know the value of their personal data—and are willing to trade some of that for access to discounted offers."

Millennials were most open to sharing data, about 75 percent, in exchange for offers and discounts.

As many as 70 percent of consumers said they preferred to browse in-store and buy online due to prices.

However, the lure of brick-and-mortar is still strong: Another recent survey revealed that teenagers prefer shopping in malls, and 13- to 17-year-olds spend 71 percent of their earnings each month at brick-and-mortar shopping locations,

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