60% of millennials to visit stores on Thanksgiving Day

Millennials may be digital natives, but for all their supposed reliance on mobile devices, this group is more likely to shop on Thanksgiving Day and do so in stores, according to a new survey by location-based mobile platform Retale.

The majority of shoppers—54 percent of all respondents—don't plan on shopping in-store this year on Thanksgiving, versus 46 percent who say they do. When asked to identify what they think about retail stores being open on Thanksgiving Day, 46 percent also responded negatively, with 33 percent saying "I hate it" and 13 percent calling it "annoying."

But not millennials. Just 37 percent of 18 to 34-year-olds held negative views of retailers being open on Thanksgiving Day, and 57 percent said they plan to shop in-store on that day.

"Our data reveals that, compared to other age groups, millennials are more interested in shopping in-store on Thanksgiving Day," said Pat Dermody, president of Retale. "Shopping on Thanksgiving has become a social experience that millennials are able to enjoy with their friends, while searching for the best holiday deals on things they care a lot about, like electronics and video games."
Younger shoppers will also head to the malls on Black Friday and are 18 percent more likely to shop that day than other age groups—64 percent will go to physical stores—but 88 percent will use mobile devices to look for store locations, access store services, compare prices and download coupons.

Millennials are likely to be more price sensitive than older shoppers this holiday season. The deals being dangled to entice them into stores for early Black Friday events already appear to be working: 55 percent of all U.S. shoppers said they would miss Thanksgiving dinner for a deal.

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