58% of mobile shoppers prefer devices to store employees

More than half (58 percent) of shoppers who use mobile devices prefer to look up information on their devices while shopping, rather than talk to store employees, according to a new report from the Consumer Electronics Association.

Nearly two-thirds (62 percent) of mobile shoppers perceived the information they gather via their mobile device as more beneficial than the information available in-store via product displays or sales literature.

Mobile shoppers most often use their devices for assistance when shopping for electronics than any other product type followed by groceries (55 percent), apparel (47 percent), shoes (45 percent) and health and beauty products (39 percent).
While shopping specifically for electronics, mobile shoppers use their devices to compare prices (63 percent), read customer ratings or reviews (52 percent) and search the Internet for more information (51 percent).
Shopper distrust of sales associates is hardly new, but the tools to access third-party information at the shelf are making it easier to shut out store information in lieu of online reviews and even vendor information.

"Mobile devices have significantly shifted consumers' shopping behavior," said Steve Koenig, director of industry analysis, CEA. "Retailers are increasingly focusing on delivering a complete consumer shopping experience and mobile devices are now a vital piece of that puzzle."

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