53% of shoppers spend 2 hours a week searching for deals

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A quarter of millennial moms spend more than four hours a week in search of value.

It seems savings still ranks as a top priority for many consumers. In fact, 53% of shoppers said they spend more than two hours a week looking for deals and savings from all sources, according to the 2017 RedPlum Purse String Survey by Valassis, a leader in intelligent media delivery. 

Even more dedicated, 25% of millennial moms spend more than four hours a week in search of value. 

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Where are these consumers looking? About 41% said they use an equal mix of print and digital coupons, a six-percentage-point increase from last year. And 52% said they print out digital coupons for use in stores.

Even higher is the desire to use a coupon code from print to buy online, 71%, and that number is as high as 78% for millennials and 79% for shoppers in households with an income above $100,000. 

"Consumers are embracing a multitude of channels to browse, research, compare prices and make purchases,” said Curtis Tingle, CMO, Valassis. "This is keeping marketers of both small and large businesses on their toes, as they work to disrupt consumers’ nonlinear shopping journeys. Our recent research indicates that shoppers don’t necessarily delineate between the physical and digital shopping worlds; they want to be able to redeem print and digital deals both in-store and online."

Retailers can not underestimate the importance of mobile in the search for value. According to the survey, more than three-quarters of shoppers and 93% of millennials use mobile when in-store to look for deals or compare prices. Plus, 57% of consumers have visited a business after getting an offer on their mobile device when they were near that location. 

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The research also supports that multichannel shopping is continuing to grow. For example, 31% of shoppers are ordering more items online for home delivery and 15% for pick-up in-store. And as many as 57% said they are using more print coupons. Finally, 42% are using more mobile coupons and apps (52% for millennials).