51% of dads can't pass up a good deal

When it comes to impulse shopping, 51 percent of dads said that a great deal is the top reason behind making a last minute purchase.

A new study from iModerate reveals what spurs dads to make impulse purchases, and craving a salty or sweet food was the second top reason, mentioned by 19 percent of the dads surveyed.

"Dads are taking on a larger role in the household, whether as primary shopper or as equal owners of family shopping responsibilities," said Julia Eisenberg, iModerate senior VP. "Self-reported data from a Y&R study shows that 80 percent of millennial dads are their households' primary or equal-share shoppers, which is why it's so important for brands and retailers to understand how to stop dad in his tracks in the aisle and boost those impulse purchases."  

Also in the top five reasons is rewarding their children, which caused 16 percent of the dads to pick up items for their kids or families. These rewards were compensation for good behavior, an accomplishment, or to avoid an in-store meltdown. Why these purchases? Seventy-one percent of those surveyed said they felt good after making a purchase for their kids and 19 percent admitted that those purchases make them feel appreciated.

"Impulse buys for children are complex emotionally—much more so than fulfilling a craving with a bag of chips," Eisenberg said. "While these don't need to be large purchases, they have a big impact on dad and his relationship to his children, which presents another opportunity for product marketers."

Avoiding another trip to the store was another driver for impulse buying. Seven percent of dads said they buy a product in anticipation of needing it soon. And just behind that reason, at 6 percent, was buying a treat for themselves or their families.

Finally, 2 percent of the dads surveyed said they made an impulse purchase based on a positive experience with a brand or the desire to try a new product from a certain brand.

More and more retailers are looking for ways to reach out to dads, especially millennial fathers, as they become an increasingly important consumer segment. According to recent research from Packaged Facts, men spend less time in stores than women, but they tend to spend more money on fewer items, making the cost per item higher.

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