50% of shoppers want location-based services

A majority of shoppers are now interested in location-based services, believing that the improved access to information on mobile devices makes them more knowledgeable than sales associates.

More than half of all shoppers are very interested in Wi-Fi and location-based, in-store services, according to the Global Shopper Study by Zebra Technologies.

Shoppers report being very interested in location-based services such as mobile coupons (51 percent), shopping maps (45 percent) and associate assistance (41 percent).

Consumers are feeling so empowered by mobile technology that more than one-third of shoppers (34 percent) now believe they are better connected to real-time information than in-store associates, according to the report.

The findings should encourage retailers to continue efforts that embrace mobile features such as list-making and way-finding. Fifty-two percent said they value retailers who use technology to make the shopping experience more efficient.

Roughly 76 percent of shoppers feel positive about shopping in stores and nearly one-half think that technology solutions are helping retailers enable and improve their shopping experience.

Despite recent reports to the contrary, showrooming is still an issue as 52 percent of shoppers looked at items in-store, but made their purchase online.

Trust is another issue for shoppers after a series of well-publicized data breaches in 2014. Nearly eight in 10 survey respondents said they are willing to share some information with retailers, but just 5 percent reported they completely trust retailers with personal information.

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